“It’s a common problem: you enter a panel thinking the South by Southwest program swapped his first name for his last name, you leave the panel wanting to name your next son Petri. Petri Darby is the guy with the weird name who shows up on non-profit panels everywhere. His materials are case-study rich and very hands-on. Practitioners will learn from his successful, smart teachings.”

– Claire Diaz-Ortiz, author, speaker & former director of social innovation & philanthropy for Twitter

I love this description of me, because it tells a great story in a short space. And I’m both a storyteller, and short.

I tell stories to change lives. Part creative director and brand marketing strategist, part writer and PR pro, I currently serve as vice president of marketing for Raise Your Hand Texas, a nonprofit, non-partisan public education advocacy organization based in Austin. The darbyDARNIT blog posts are my own musings and perspectives, and mine alone, unless otherwise indicated.

I love politics and used bookstores, and I talk about bacon a lot so I don’t eat as much of it as I otherwise might. I hate clowns, olives, and quitter socks.

A couple interesting things about me … as far as I know, I’m the only two-time winner of the USA Today Online Haiku Contest. And I once served as Haiku Laureate for TEDx The Woodlands.

My career spans more than 20 years of nearly every marketing and communications discipline: brand strategy and creative direction, public relations and advertising, public affairs and community relations, social media and grassroots organizing, issues/crisis management and copywriting. I’ve worked on the agency and client sides, in the traditional and non-profit arenas, and have represented companies ranging from a premium sipping tequila brand to a specialty coffee roasting company to Fortune 50 oil & gas, chemical, and retail corporations to law firms and nonprofits. Every step of the way, I’ve served on charity and professional association boards of directors.

Since I get paid to write and talk, I frequently serve as a keynote or conference session speaker and have had many articles, stories, and poems published.

My wife Shannon and I have been married for 15 years and have two boisterous boys. We live just north of Austin.

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